Me, Myself, and I Chapter 2


He had a real deep voice, and white pearly teeth, and his shoe was always shining. Long slender fingers manicured perfectly. The man wore 800-dollar Italian suits, from Milan or Rome or someplace like that. He was fat back cat cool like a Friday afternoon martini, chillin’ at a quarter after 5.
Twist of lime, Coke on the side. The brother loved the high life. He had a Ph.D. in street stride. They called him ‘The Jackal’.

When he came rolling into the court room the ladies said wow, and the men said wow too. Slicked back hair and a suit blacker than the night, he came rolling up to my Pa’s side and said, ” Hold your words fool. You got a right to council”. From that day my life would never be the same. The man executed every line like a well oiled defense attorney machine. Within four hours, Pa had been acquitted, and Conrad had been left off with a fine. We even got to keep our guns on account of the Second amendment. Me? Well I had a new roll model, and they called him The Jackal’.


I went home that night, and as the family gathered around to celebrate their success in court with the traditional watching of the “Wheel of Fortune”, I went strait to our families computer, and booted up the internet. With anticipation I listened to the signature *beeeooobeeooo oooop* of the dial up connection. I was ready to begin the next step of my life. I was gonna be a lawyer, they was gonna call me The Jackal’.


I applied for online law school from the University of Phoenix, and within 12 to 18 months I had myself a Junior Law Degree. I had it made, I was in court everyday, searching for clients. There were no biters at first, but i was hopeful. I was gonna be a successful lawyer. Then one day I hit my first break. Guy came in suin’ his neighbor on account of he slept with his wife. This was my chance. I petitioned the man, and went up their head held high, and delivered the most outstanding wordplay that had ever come out of my poor mouth. We lost the case, but others had seen me in there making a display of myself, and they started talking. I was in, the courts couldn’t get enough of me. I won my next four cases in a row. Went back to school for a full degree, moved to the city, and won four more cases. I had made it, and they called me The Jackal’.


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