Fixing a Broken Immigration System


Once again, the Obama administration is attempting to tackle the issue of immigration. This past week they re-rolled out their immigration plan in an attempt to fulfill at least one of their promises before their time in office is up. For many of us democrats who have been let down by the lack of action from our party, it’s nice to see they haven’t completely withered away to nothing.

The Obama immigration reform plan focuses on four steps:

-Continuing to Strengthen Border Security

-Cracking Down on Employers that Hire Undocumented Workers

-Creating a Path to Earned Citizenship

-Streamlining our Legal Immigration System

While these are all steps that administrations before President Obama’s have taken before, it is hoped that the renewed effort to reform this major problem in the United States is successful. While the likelihood of seeing a real, complete reform isn’t very good, the fact that the policy is being reintroduced so early in the President’s second term leaves us with a sense of renewed vigor and interest.

As with any other policy released by this administration, Fox news, of course, couldn’t help but get involved. Those of you who have read my post on Act HR. 347, are sure to remember my fond opinion of Fox news, and their consistent ability to provide pure opinion-less news. Radio host Laura Ingraham, appeared on Fox News’ “America Live” shortly following the 2012 election. Her main focus was to ” discuss the GOP loss”, however, it quickly turned into an opportunity to continue her war on immigration reform, using Fox news as a way to focus a public eye, given the almost sure failure of her radio broadcast to reach a strong audience.

Following the trend that has become the standard Fox news broadcast, Ingraham let loose a torrent of ignorant and ill-informed comments which ranged from “If you’ve been here illegally and you’ve been living here and you’ve been using our roads and using our schools and using our health care system, I don’t believe you should ever be a citizen of the United States. No, I don’t.”, to claiming that Mexican immigration would “turn America into a hellhole”. Each statement was additional reinforced by the repetitive statement “Si se puede”, which translates from Spanish to “Yes we can”, the popular Obama-Biden campaign slogan. Clearly an attack on the administration and their efforts toward immigration reform.

While Fox news broadcasters, and viewers, are entitled to their opinions, it is important that we, as fellow American Citizens, make sure they are given the whole of the truth. We need to rally, we need to become informed ourselves, we need to sit down with our opposition, and make sure they understand that we need immigration reform. We need to tell them that granting citizenship will boost our economy. We need to tell them that granting citizenship will help create a better educated American public. We need to tell them that granting citizenship will provide opportunities for the poor, and desperate to pull themselves out of the mud, because that is the principle our forefathers built this country on. We are a country of immigrants, and to disallow immigration into our country is not only morally wrong, but unconstitutional. For the good of our country we need to band together, prosperity comes from the mix of eclectic groups, and I love this country too much to see it suffer from a false tyranny of inequality and hate. From Minneapolis, Minnesota this is Aaron Brandt, God Bless You and God Bless America.



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