“Actually, what you’ve done in Florida is bring the right together with the far right.
And I don’t think Americans are tired of partisan politics; I think they’re tired of
hearing career politicians diss partisan politics to get a gig. I’ve tried it before,
they ain’t buying it. That’s okay, though. That’s okay, though, ’cause partisan
politics is good. Partisan politics is what the founders had in mind. It guarantees
that the minority opinion is heard, and as a lifelong possessor of minority opinions,
I appreciate it. But if you’re troubled by it, Governor, you should know, in this
campaign, you’ve used the word “liberal” seventy-four times in one day. It was yesterday.”

This quote is from the NBC show The West Wing. While the show is based on a cast of fictional characters in a fictional White House, the messages it implies are relevant in the real United States Government. “Gone is the era of Bi-partisanship!” Repeatedly we are accosted by this and phrases akin to it. This can’t be true, because as a nation we have never been in an era of true bi-partisanship. Since the nations conception, the views of political groups have differed, and the parties have been together, yet divided. The parties were bound together by an illusory rubber band. The years have worn on, and as the parties have grown the rubber band has worn out. The parties can no longer be held together by the bond of shared country, and the liberals move further left, while the conservatives move further right. The middle “bi-partisan” space has grown, and the era of false partisanship has begun.

No matter how it is looked at, the reality is that partisanship is what gets things accomplished in government. The controlling party will always be the party that makes things happen. I know many people are wondering, “If the controlling party makes things happen, why is the obama administration letting us down?” The reality is that the party can’t be in control, because the people won’t let them. We, the people of the United States are holding back the flow of government. When we elect a democratic Senate, and a republican House, we are forcing our congress to face off against each other and our encouragement for bi-partisanship is only forcing a larger separation of government, and slowing our progress.

As a nation we need to elect a government that wants to work together, and achieve. We need to stop electing career congressmen, who cling to the safety of a moderate stance, and force partisanship into our government. Partisanship will drive the nation forward and partisanship will  create equality among the government. From Minneapolis, Minnesota this is Aaron Brandt, Wishing a productive day to the Brandt America


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