IRS Scandals


Tea Party groups are in outrage over what is quickly becoming the “IRS Scandal” of the year. 25 active tea part groups are filing law suits against the Internal Revenue Service on grounds that the IRS unlawfully targeted the conservative groups, based on their political beliefs. The so called illegal activity is largely based on the IRS’s disability to approve the groups’ application for “tax exempt” status in a timely manner. The Tea Party is claiming that this a direct act against them by the Obama administration, meanwhile White House Staff rebutes that the president wasn’t aware of the actions in question until it was mentioned in the press.

This turns the entire case into a giant game of he said she said. While I do not doubt that there are people working for the nations IRS that may dislike the Tea Party (realistically who doesn’t), it is highly unlikely that the incident was caused as a direct attack by the Obama administration. Further questioning of the IRS staff unveils information that clears up parts of the situation. While then acting commissioner of the IRS, Steven Miller, claims that some parts of the hold up were due to mistakes made by lower level IRS employees, it is also now known that many of the applications, boor misinformation, such as wrong numbers, incorrect names, and other discrepancies that would otherwise slow down the application process. This revelation has led to several of the conservative groups withdrawing their applications for tax exemption entirely.

While this scandal was designed initially as a means for the ultra conservative Tea Party groups to draw out an image of weakness for the Obama administration, it is becoming a backwards moving tidal force against these groups who feel that crippling their own government is the only way to secure ridiculous and outdated ideas of freedom. While many continue to doubt the true nature of our President, I will continue to stand behind the belief that our government is here to help the people. We have elected them into office, and it is our job to respect the decisions that our leaders make and continue support. If you don’t like the way they’re doing something, then do yourself a favor and get out and vote. If you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain. Once again, this is Aaron Brandt, reporting from Minneapolis, MN, wishing a good night to the Brandt America.

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